A No Nonsense PureVPN Android App Review

Internet users familiar with the workings of a VPN are most probably familiar with PureVPN. The VPN provider has a decade-long history and has seen many ups and downs. PureVPN also has many firsts to its name, namely the introduction of the Internet Kill Switch, apps for smartphones, addition of an ad-blocker, antivirus, etc. to its list of features.

I’ll be doing a quick PureVPN review of it Android app today to help users decide whether or not PureVPN has what it takes to satisfy their security and streaming cravings.

The User Interface

To start with, PureVPN’s Android app offers a pretty fluid UI that makes it easy for the user to use and navigate the app. The features are clearly laid out and the app doesn’t consume much ROM or RAM space. A user only needs to tap once to get connected, and the options associated with connecting include the selection of the country, city, protocol, etc.

Under the Hood

The app supports the latest version of Android and gets updated pretty frequently. Bug fixes and improvements are common and since I have been following the VPN provider for quite some time now, I can confidently say that the app receives an update after every 2 or 3 months. Major releases are usually made public after 3 months, while smaller updates are released at least once in two months.

The app offers quick access to the complete feature set offered by PureVPN. In my PureVPN review, I found a huge plus that the app does not bug users with annoying push notifications, but just sits there quietly doing its job.

. A user can allow the app to take care of all the technicalities automatically or tinker with the apps to handpick the country, city, protocol, encryption level, advanced features, etc.

PureVPN was the first VPN to introduce modes in it apps, which all the VPN providers now offer.

purevpn android app review

purevpn review


The app is free to download and use, with a free user getting at least 3Gb of bandwidth absolutely free. The server selection is kind of limited for the free user, which kind of sucks, but not too much since the bandwidth gets updated every month. Come to think of it, most VPN providers make users jump through many hoops to get free bandwidth. PureVPN, however, does not require a user to tweet anything silly or any other similar stunts.

A user always has the option to upgrade to a Premium or a Pro account and unlock unlimited bandwidth and all the 2,000+ servers in PureVPN’s arsenal. The payment process is easy and can be easily carried out via Google’s Playstore. The pricing is relatively cheaper than other VPN providers but I’ll let you in on a tremendous hack.

Instead of paying through the Playstore, visit PureVPN’s website and order from there. Not only will you save up to 80%, you will also get 5 multi logins, which aren’t available to a mobile user even after they upgrade to a pro account via the Playstore.

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