PureVPN Tips – Beware of fake antivirus software

If you have ever been a site where many ads start to pop up, one or more of them are definitely about this fake antivirus software. It directly pops up on your screen and says that you have been infected with some malicious file or software. In order for you to protect your computer, you are required to click on the button on the ad.

It certainly is a scam and most of the users now know the reality of it. However, some still get threatened and click on the ad which makes it worst for them. Now they download the advertised antivirus to protect their computer and actually infects it. So, in order to avoid this type of scam or fraud, it is essential for the user to stay informed and be sceptic of clicking on these types of ads. Continue reading

PureVPN Troubleshooting Manual to Fix Your VPN Connection Issues

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential tool to hide your original IP address. In this competitive era, there are a lot of VPN service providers. PureVPN is one of the best VPN service providers. It offers the users complete guide to VPN and high security.  Like every technology, user sometimes encounter PureVPN issues but fortunately there are a lot of solutions developed for fixing them.

Some of the most common issues are:

  1.      Your VPN might be unresponsive
  2.      The online resource you are trying to access might be blocking the VPN.
  3.      Versions of VPN might be outdated.

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How to secure online data from being stolen with PureVPN?

We live in the eras where the one of the biggest whistle blowers in the history and the biggest in the history of internet has revealed the devastating scenario of users’ online privacy and security of their online data. In this scenario, it has become a necessity for the internet users to not only protect their privacy on the web, but also secure online data.

When we talk about protecting one’s online privacy and to secure online data, then VPN certainly does come in many minds as a great option or solution. It indeed is one of the best solutions to secure online data, but it needs to be a reputable one like PureVPN. So, let’s dig deeper into how PureVPN secures online data from being stolen by hackers or online data thieves? But first, we will discuss why it is important to secure your data online.

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PureVPN Not Connecting? Here is the Guide

It is one of the most frustrating moments when anything you are in need of, does not work at that time. You do tons of quick troubleshooting actions as per your knowledge and sometimes some work, while the only thing rising the other times is your frustration. Similar would be the case when PureVPN is not connecting when you want to connect your VPN.

We do not want you to try various things on the random basis to fix your PureVPN’s connection issues. For that, we are putting the ultimate guide to help you when PureVPN is not connecting on your device. Just follow this guide and your PureVPN will be connecting without any hassle, in no time.

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Top 5 Online Scams & Fraud Used by Cybercriminals to Trick You

As the technology and everything with it is evolving the cyber threats and cybercriminals are also becoming more and more sophisticated. These entities are always on the lookout to find the more sophisticated, advanced and innovative way to trick users for frauds and scams. These tricks have become so advanced that most of the users cannot even differentiate between the real and the scam versions.

Well, you can stay protected against these advanced frauds and scams with PureVPN since it offers highest-level encryption and anonymity. But first, it is essential to be fully informed about these scams and frauds and all the popular types which are there. So, here we are going to list and briefly describe the top online scams and frauds from which you need to stay protected because those cybercriminals would do their best to trick you using any of these.

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PureVPN Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

Where there are social media sites and tech sites where users or experts review various services and brands, there are various hardcore users’ review sites where the users rate and review the service that they have used. One of the top user reviews sites is Trustpilot.

Trustpilot has thousands of company profiles where millions of users come and review different services which they have experienced. In all these, PureVPN customer reviews are also there on Trustpilot and here we are going to evaluate the company profile of PureVPN as well as their Trustpilot

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PureVPN – The Best Singapore VPN?

While Singapore has established itself as a mecca for business and technology, freedom on the Internet has been declining. Over 80% of the population has access to the Internet, but government control is ever-growing.

Around 100 or so websites have been banned through Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA), and the right to free speech and press is also under attack with many bloggers and journalists being silenced.

Therefore, if you’re a citizen of the Lion City or plan on visiting, a VPN can give you unrestricted access to the free Internet. In this PureVPN review Singapore, we’ll take a closer look at the Hong Kong-based VPN provider.

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